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  Job Title GRAIN MERCHANDISER/TRADER Jobs (International)
  Job Description GRAIN/OILSEED/GLYCERIN/BIODIESEL GLOBAL MERCHANDISER/TRADER JOBS:1.Grain & Oilseed Merchandiser/USA/Permanent/4 Apr 2016:2.Glycerin Merchant Oils and Biodiesel/USA/Permanent/ Apr 2016:3.Senior Dairy Trader - Oceania/Australia/Permanent/10 Mar 2016:4.Metals African Operations Controller/South Africa/Permanent/7 Apr 2016:5.Settlements Associate/USA/Permanent/29 Mar 2016::HOW TO APPLY:For details and APPLYING ONLINE, follow the LINK(http://www.ldcom.com/global/en/careers/search-apply/search-results-v5/):BUSINESS CONTACTS:Louis Dreyfus Company B.V. (Global)-Netherlands Head office: Address: Westblaak 92 3012 Rotterdam Netherlands Phone:31 10 411 0480/+31 (0)20 661 7878. Fax. +31 (0)20 661 7879 Email: info@ldcom.com Web:www.ldcom.com
  Country NL
  City International Gander Male/Female
  Posted On 4/19/2016 3:28:00 PM
  Company Name :   Louis Dreyfus Company B.V. (Global)-Netherlands
  Address :   Westblaak 92 3012 Rotterdam Netherlands
  Contact # :   +31 10 411 0480/+31 (0)20 661 7878   Email :   info@ldcom.com
  Job Posted By:   H.R.





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