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Anfang Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.

Welcome to Anfang Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. for quality binding wire made out of galvanized steel wire or black annealed soft wires. We concentrate on binding wire of various forms. Based in China , Anfang Wire Processing Factory supplies galvanized wire, annealed wire and plastic coated wire for binding, constructional binding wire,black annealed binding wire,book binding wire,galvanized wire,stainless steel wire,brass wire,aluminum wire,galvanized iron binding wire,small coil rebar wire tie,loop wire ties,u type binding wire and other industrial uses. Binding wire is popularly used in the daily life and various industries to avoid frequent and repeated maintenances. Our binding wire is mainly made of mild steel, galvanized iron wire, annealed wire and other quality wire materials. It has excellent corrosion resistance and smooth surface quality. Wire diameter ranges from 0.8mm to 1.6mm and the wire gauges include 20#, 21#, 22#.Anfang Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. have Advanced equipment, high technical level, a high-end, complete the test equipment. Anfang wire products, complete specifications to high-quality reputation in China, all kinds of products have been through the relevant state quality certification. Customers home and abroad are warmly welcome to contact us.
21 Xinde Road, Dezhou, Shandong,China.
  Phone:+86-534-06035861 Fax:+86-534-06699881
  Factory Information:
  21 Xinde Road, Dezhou, Shandong,China.
  Phone:+86-534-06035861 +86-534-06699881

South Africa


Anglo Gold Ashanti(21 Operations in 10 Countries)-South Africa

Precious Metals&Associated Products(Primarily Gold) Exploration/Mining/Processing/Marketing:Tropicana(Austrailia)/Kiboli(DRC)/La Colosa (Columbia)/West Wits&Vaal River(SA)& More Projects:Jobs/Career See Website.
76 Jeppe Street, New Town, Johannesburg, South Africa 2001.
  Phone:+27-11-637-6000&6383/+61-8-9425-4600/+55-31-589-2400/303-889-0700 Fax:+27-11-637-6624/6399



Anping Candurs Screen Products Limited

wire mesh manufacturer
518 Eastern Industrial Park
  Phone:863187060598 Fax:863187060598
  Factory Information:
  518 Eastern Industrial Park
  Phone:863187060598 863187060598



Anping County Gabion Baskets Factory

Anping County Gabion Baskets Factory
  Phone:86-518-5452416 Fax:86-518-5452416
  Factory Information:
  Anping County Gabion Baskets Factory
  Phone:86-518-5452416 86-518-5452416



Anping Glory Wire Mesh Products Factory

Glory factory is a Professional Manufacturer and exporter on the woven wire mesh and wire mesh further Processing (filter mesh and wire products )including wire mesh for sieving,filter discs and cylinder and wire craft products in china
Anping Wire Mesh Industrial zone, Anping, Hengshui, Hebei, P. R. China 053600
  Phone:86-311-80773547 Fax:86-311-80773547



Anping HongSheng Steel Grating Factory

Supply welded steel grating, pressure lock steel grating, plug grating, steel grating ceiling
Hongqi road, Anping county, Hebei, China.
  Phone:86-318-58216075 Fax:86-318-58216075
  Factory Information:
  Hongqi road, Anping county, Hebei, China.
  Phone:86-318-58216075 86-318-58216075



Anping Lingus Steel Grating Factory

Steel grating is available in welded bar grating, press locked and compound steel grating. With aluminum, stainless and galvanized materials.
99 Anhang street, Anping, Hebei, China.
  Phone:+86-318-56822337 Fax:+86-318-56822337
  Factory Information:
  99 Anhang street, Anping, Hebei, China.
  Phone:+86-318-56822337 +86-318-56822337



Anping Paserka Security Fence Factory

Anping Paserka Security Fence Factory is a famous manufacturer and exporter of fence products in China. It mainly produces and exports triangular bending fence, peach-post fence, airport fence, high security fence, galvanized steel field fence, double wire fence,barbed nail fencing, welded razor wire, peach fence post, square fence post, d-type fence post. Just like our motherland, our hometown of Hebei Anping, together with its wire mesh industry, also enjoys a long traditional history. We are proud that we live here and we work here. Through more than 10 years effort being committed to the product development, production and sales of metal fences,this factory has gradually developed into a well-established fencing manufacturer known for its professional, efficient and honest services. Main products include triangular crimped fence, airport fence, chain link fence, highway guardrail, plastic coated fence, high security safety fence and its accessories,while more than 80% of the products are for export. We have scientific quality control system covering every process from wire drawing, welding, surface treatment, packing, to guarantee that safer fencing products are supplied for you,and to provide you with more reliable overseas purchasing experiences.
No.1 402, Zhangwo Industrial Park, South of Anping County, Hebei, China.
  Phone:0086-0311-80601256 Fax:0086-0311-80601256
  Factory Information:
  No.1 402, Zhangwo Industrial Park, South of Anping County, Hebei, China.
  Phone:0086-0311-80601256 0086-0311-80601256



Anping Pengming Hardware Mesh Co., Ltd.

Gengtun Development Zone, Anping County, Hebei Province.
  Phone:863187852293 Fax:86-318-7852903
  Factory Information:
  Gengtun Development Zone, Anping County, Hebei Province.
  Phone:863187852293 86-318-7852903



Anping PuRuiSe Expanded Metal Factory

Anping PuRuiSe Expanded Metal Factory is a supplier that is dedicated to producing high quality, precision made metal products. PuRuiSe has been in the expanded metal business for about 10 years to offer the best solutions for your needs. Many metals can be expanded including aluminium, pre-galvanised mild steel, mild steel hot rolled and cold rolled, stainless steel, zintec, monel, titanium, brass and copper. Special precious metals can also be processed to customers requirements including gold, silver and platinum. Expanded metal mesh is formed from a single piece of material with no waste in the process. The metal material is cut and stretched while still leaving it attached at the knuckle. This allows it to retain its shape when cut and cannot separate or fray. Often cutting to shape is the only fabrication needed. Because of its jointless continuity, it is a highly efficient conductor of electricity, magnetic flux and heat. It has excellent corrosion resistance when suitably coated, and the uncut knuckles support weight and withstand stress better than jointed welds or woven materials. Expanded mesh can be supplied in a variety of finishes, thickness, raised or flattened. Flattened is smoother and does not indent soft materials if this is a consideration but is not as strong as the more robust raised mesh. Powder coating in your choice of colour will enhance its aesthetic appearance and add to its corrosion resistance as would plastic coating. We can supply in framed panels made to customers specific requirementst. PuRuiSe has the most knowledgeable and professional staff working to provide the end user with a valuable and pleasant business experience.
No.33, Lingyuan Street, Anping, China
  Phone:0086-318-751856 Fax:0086-318-751856
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