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Metallurgical Industry

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Access Petrotec Mining Solutions (Global)-Austraila

Engineering Services/Equipment Solutions:O&G/Mining/Infrastructure Sectors
U1/13-17, Sorbonne Crescent, Canning Vale, Western Australia 6155, Australia.
  Phone:+61-8-9456-2025 Fax:+61-8-9455-2025

United States


ACS International, Ltd (Global)-USA

ACS Services:Publications/Abstract & Patent Services:Jobs/Career See Web
1155 Sixteenth Street, NW: Washington, DC 20036, USA
  Phone: 614-447-3776/1-800-333-9511 Fax: 614-447-3671

United Arab Emirates


Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC(Topaz Oil&Gas Division)-UAE

Offshore/Onshore Steel Construction/Fabrication Services:Turnkey Projects/Terminals/Tanks/Pressure Vessels/Columns/Heat Exchangers/Separators:M&R/Shutdown Support/Rig Repairs:Jobs/Career See Website.
P.O. Box 7604, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  Phone:+971-2-554-7722 Fax:+971-2-554-6767



Aerct Gabiony Factory

Aerct Gabiony Factory is a customer-driven producer and exporter of gabions and related wire netting products with good performance. Aerct Gabiony Factory is Chinese manufacturers and exporters. Aerct export hot dipped galvanized gabion mesh cells,welded mesh gabions architectural wall cladding,gabions,galfan pvc coated gabions,gabion mattresses for flood protection embankment,planted gabion walls,gabions and geotextiles for bridge construction, gabions p. v. c. coated galvanised wire box, gabions river training works, geotextile fabric,woven wire mesh cages for gabion project,gabion fence,welded gabions coating galfan,gabion baskets double twisted galvanized,gabion box,woven gabions,gabion baskets,wire mesh gabion mattress,gabion cages,gabion wall,terramesh system,hexagonal gabions netting,gabions machine,welded gabions,sack gabions,reinforced gabions,gabion faced reinforced soil walls,reno mattresses,gabions for water conservancy,gabions for bridge protection system,gabion wall drop structures,modular gabions as architectural elements,gravity wall of gabions,gabions for headwalls or wingwalls,channel linings,modular gabions for rockfall netting system. Aerct Gabiony Factory is engaged in the production and development of hexagonal wire netting, welded mesh gabions, woven hexagonal gabions, gabions baskets, gabion boxes, mattress, Terramesh system, flexible soft hillside protection wire mesh gabions as well as other gabion systems and welded mesh products. We have developed into a famous enterprise in wire mesh business. Following ISO9001:2008 standards strictly and paying attention to prestige and contracts, we have won markets and got customers' good reputation home and abroad. Aerct teams work with customers to standardize a manufacturing process, and deliver products and technical services as needed. A North China-based supplier of wire mesh gabions, Aerct is recognized as a China leader in quality and innovation. ISO 9001 certified in 1998. Welcome to contact us.
Hongqi St. Wuxi, Dzhou,Shangdong China.
  Phone:0086-534-8753002 Fax:0086-534-8753002
  Factory Information:
  Hongqi St. Wuxi, Dzhou,Shangdong China.
  Phone:0086-534-8753002 0086-534-8753002



Aerison Pty Ltd-Australia

Equipment/Services:Mining/O&G:Shutdown Services:Jobs/Career See Web
P.O. Box 96, West Perth WA 6872, Australis
  Phone:+61-8-9352-5900 Fax:+61-8-9352-5566



Afferro Mining Inc(Cameroon Projects)-Cameroon

Iron Ore Exploration/Mining/Processing in Cameroon:Nkout/Ntem/Akonalinga/Ngoa Projects: LNG/Gas Power Plant: Deep Water Harbour;
IBP 14364, Yaounde, Cameroon.
  Phone:+44-20-7010-7680 Fax:+44-20-7010-7699



Afferro Mining Inc(Cameroon Projects)-Canada

Iron Ore Exploration/Mining/Processing in Cameroon:Nkout/Ntem/Akonalinga/Ngoa Projects: LNG/Gas
Corporate/Registered Office:Suite 3350 Four Bentall Centre, 1055 Dunsmuir St,P.O.Box:49222, Vancouvre,BC, V7X 1L2, Canada(Burleigh House 355-359 Strand, London WC2R OHS,UK).
  Phone:+44-20-7010-7680 Fax:+44-20-7010-7699




Tin solder wires Tinplate - TFS - Blackplate,
3 Dabtia St. OPera Sq. CAIRO, Egypt .
  Phone: 20 2 3939033 Fax:20 2 3955153



African Aura Cameron SARL(Aureus Mining Inc.Subsidiary)-Cameroon

Exploration/Mining/Processing Projects in Cameroon.
BP 14364, Yaounde, Cameroon.
  Phone:+44-20-7653-4000&5000/+44-20-7257-2930 Fax:+44-20-7257-2939



Afrique Gold Village Miners

The Afrique Gold Village Local miners base in Loulou village,we have quantity of gold dust for sell, au dor bars, at $27000 per kg FOB: Mali. we offer 22.3 carats with 94% purity. for more details www.afrique-gold.webs.com,afriquegold@ymail.com or call +22364025099
Rue 339 Fufana Village Mines
  Phone:0022364025099 Fax:0022364025099
  Factory Information:
  Port 12 Loulou Bamako Mali
  Phone:0022364025099 0022364025099
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