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Oil Refining/Coal Industry in Netherlands

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Berson Milientecniek BV-Netherlands

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal companies in Netherlands UV Water Treatment Specialists: Drinking/ Wastewater for Reuse/O&G Solutions/Injection Water(O&G) Solutions.,
De Huufkes 23, NL-5674 TL Neunen, P.O. Box 90, NL 5670 AB Neunen, The Netherlands.
  Phone:+31-40-290-7777 Fax:+31-40-283-5755

Champions Technology Europe-Netherlands

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal companies in Netherlands Speciality Chemical Production/Marketing/R&D/Technology Company for Oil/Gas /Water Treatment Industries.
Langestraat 169, 7491 AE, Deldon, The Netherlands.
  Phone:+31-74-377-1720 Fax:N.A.

DSM Dyneema BV-Netherlands

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal production in Netherlands Oil/Gas Services include Seismology/Drilling/Production/Industrial Pipe Laying and more: Ultra-deep Sea Recovery and more.
Mauritslaan 49, 6129 El Ermond , The Netherlands.
  Phone:+31-(0)-46-476-79-99 Fax:N.A.

GasTerra BV (Global)-Netherlands

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal companies in Netherlands TRADING/Services:Natural Gas:Jobs/Career See Web
P.O. Box 477 9700 AL Groningen( Stationsweg 1 9726 AC Groningen) The Netherlands
  Phone:+31 (0)50 364 8648 Fax:+31-50-364-86-00

Global Energy Solutions & Resources(International)-Netherland

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal companies in Netherlands Oil&Gas Services:Project Management/Plant Startup:Jobs/Career See Web
Dr Kuyperstraat 14, 2514 BB, The Hague, Netherlands
  Phone:+31-70-311-80-90 Fax:+31-70-311-80-99

Parke Drilling Netherlands BV

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal production in Netherlands Advanced Drilling Solutions: Rig Design, Construction, Operation & Management.
International Head Office: Vlictweg 17V, 2266KA, Leidschendam, The Netherlands.
  Phone:+1-720-514-4400 Fax:N.A.

The Rompetrol Group N.V.-Nehterlands

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal companies in Netherlands Oil/Gas Multinational: Drilling/EPCM/Transportation/Field Services/Refining/Marketing/Trading.
World Trade Center Building, Street 807, Tower A, Floor 8, Amsterdam Post Code: 1077xx, Netherlands.
  Phone:+31-205-75-23-90 Fax:+31-205-75-23-99

Zeolyst CV-Netherlands

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal companies in Netherlands Sale, Services and Technical Back-up in respect Zeolyst International Products including Zeolite Powder, Custom Powders and Catalysts.
Oosterhorn 36 9936 HD Delfzijl, Hovennummer 3409, The Netherlands.
  Phone:+49(0)2506-307-961/Mobile+49(0)172-37-10-456 Fax:+49(0)2506-307-962

Zeton B.V. (Offices:Netherland/Canada)-Netherlands

Listed under Oil Refining/Coal production in Netherlands Plant Design/Construction/Operation:Plants(Lab Scale/Pilot/Demonstration/Small Modular Commercial/Control Systems/Upgrades/Engg.&Field Services):O&G/Polymer/Syn-Fuels/Chemicals&Bio-Chem/Environmental:Jobs/Career See Web.
Marsteden 206, 7547 TD(P.O. Box 9, NL-7500 AA) Enschede The Netherlands.
  Phone:+31-53-428-41-00 Fax:+31-53-428-41-99
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