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Cement/Glass Industry in Canada

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Anderson Water Systems-Canada

Listed under Cement/Glass companies in Canada Degremont Water Technologie and Solutions Suppliers for Municipal, Industrial and Leisure Markets.
44, Head Street, Dundas Ontario, Canada L9H 3H3.
  Phone:905-627-9233 Fax:905-628-6623

Barber Glass Industries Inc

Listed under Cement/Glass companies in Canada Glass Manufacturers
485 Southgate Drive Guelph, Ontario N1G 3W6, Canada
  Phone:(519) 824 2399 Fax:(519) 824 8718

Nova Classique Glass Industries Inc

Listed under Cement/Glass production in Canada Glass Manufacturers
1440 Whitehorse R2, Downsview, Ontario, M3J 3A7-Canada
  Phone:416 398 7777 Fax:416 398 9569

SulphurTech Industrial Ceramics

Listed under Cement/Glass companies in Canada Supplying high quality & competitively priced ceramic balls, activated alumina, molecular sieves, catalyst, petrochemical additives, ceramic bricks, etc.
1331 W Georgia st.
  Phone:604 8994039 Fax:604 8994039
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